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Balance Scooter Balance Ability
Sep 12, 2017

Balance Scooter Balance ability

Balance the car Step 2: Start the balance car 1. Open the rear cover and press the power switch. 2. Press the wireless remote control to activate the system. Step 3: Driving Preparation 1. Wear the appropriate protective gear. 2. Hold the handle with both hands, keep the platform level of the balance car, and the steering wheel is not tilted vertically. Single foot pedal, trigger the foot switch running indicator light, the system into the self-balanced state, keep the body smooth after the other foot can be put on the operation. If the platform when the foot switch is triggered is not in the horizontal state, the buzzer will alarm, the alarm indicator will light, the system can not enter the self-balancing state, then prohibit the operation. Step 4: After riding a successful station to keep the center of gravity balance, you can keep the balance car still. Through the body a small amount of forward or backward at the same time with the control handle to control the balance of the forward or backward, remember that the body action range can not be too much. Step 5: turn control to swing the handle to the left, the balance car will turn left; turn right handle, balance the car to the right turn  driving, the body and the handle to maintain a certain distance;  prohibit the high speed of the case, To avoid dangerous situations;

 Do not run on the slope or turn, this will lead to balance angle offset, affecting driving safety. Step 6: get off before getting off the balance car to stop, to maintain balance, single foot first, the other foot quickly left foot pad. When the user gets off, the balance car will remain self-balanced for 1 second. Balance car is to play somatosensory, because this car is controlled by the center of gravity, whether you want it to accelerate or slow down, turn left or turn right, these are inseparable from the driver's own focus on the move, novice entry It is important to learn the basic advance, slow down and turn these skills left and right.

    At the beginning, beginners are most likely to learn to accelerate forward, because we will be used to let the body lean forward, so the car will feel our center of gravity forward and then make the appropriate instructions - forward, need to slow down the anti Then. If you are in the electric balance when driving obstacles need to turn, we must first pay attention to not let the body lean forward, or easy to accelerate hit the obstacles, and then pay attention to is to let the body to the left or right, so the car will be able to follow The tendency of the body to do the turn of the instructions. Everyone in the choice of balance when the car can be based on their balance and the use of time to measure, and now the balance of the car has a pole and no pole of the points, there are two rounds and rounds of the points, the specific choice will be based on everyone to choose The. Everyone in the choice of balance when the car, we must choose a regular manufacturer of the balance of the car, the regular manufacturers of balanced production of reasonable design, materials stress, will reduce the use of the possible problems.