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Balance Scooter More Endurance
Oct 25, 2017

Balance Scooter More endurance

Balancing scooters are cool, but will pay attention to balance. But the current balance of the scooter has been banned on the road, so the market has been rarely sold on the balance of scooters.

Balance slightly worse, it is recommended to choose two-wheel balance car, these products are easier to control, easy to get started. If the balance car will be your travel tool, it is recommended to choose two-wheeled balance car, safer, more endurance.

Balance the configuration of the car

To determine the target, then look at the configuration. Electric balance car generally by the gyroscope, control computer, body frame, battery and other major components purchased. The market is more complex, the state is not very clear security requirements, leading to those cottage manufacturers loopholes, the use of low-cost configuration, which also led to some security incidents.

Battery, this is very important, the occurrence of multiple explosions, imbalance is caused by the battery causes. Balanced car is used in lithium batteries, batteries are also good or bad, divided into domestic batteries or can replace the Samsung LG battery, relatively speaking, the price of the balance will be improved. Remember whether the store has a Samsung battery can be replaced.

View the balance car battery parameters are also very important, such as battery life is good, the general balance of car charging 90 minutes to full, the fastest acceleration can reach 18km / h, the general mileage is 23km, respectively, reached 65km.

Balance the material of the car

Good balance car is generally used ABS, advanced PC, nano and other high-tech nano-materials, with impact resistance, heat resistance, low temperature resistance and other properties, purchase, you can view these parameters in detail.

If it is online shopping, it touches to see its detailed workmanship, body seams deal with how, whether rough.

Are we focusing on those aspects of the selection of the balance car?

1, endurance capacity of life is our primary concern of the parameters, here need to pay attention to prevent bad business falsely. So you can follow every 10wh can travel 1 km to convert.

2, the material situation to see the quality of the car, with what material. Look at the material of its shell, the surface of the degree of touch, touch the edge, try the wheel, etc., I believe that the surface material is good or bad can be seen out.

3, the motor power motor power shortage, will make us in the process of riding feel very difficult. The other is the current electric balance cars are basically using the latest magnetic levitation motor, in the course of the ride should be no noise. Noisy products are generally not very good.

4, a motherboard motherboard motherboard is good or bad about security, security is not the size of the tire, but rather the control panel of the intelligent system settings, the more intelligent the system is relatively safe.