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Electric Hoverboard To Use
Sep 29, 2017

Electric Hoverboard To use

This is not to say that this method is not feasible: the original intention of planning is to work in the peak for the use of maneuver, it is more important than the human body to control the balance of the human body. It is more energy efficient than the car, and you do not need to worry about refueling and parking problems, from these aspects, it is almost a wonders of the show, so that the balance of the car is not a big reason for success is not a skill, but Social level.

The electric hoverboard was created by American creator Dean Kamen with their team to create a plan, before which his last creation was an intelligent robotic wheelchair that would climb the stairs. In the balance of the car before the market, the rumors of this will be a revolutionary urban people on behalf of things. The windset john doner guess it will become the earliest earliest $ 1 billion to sell the company, and Segway is more than the impact of the Internet, the company's balance car in December 2001 began mass production Sale, Dean Kamen expectations in the end of 2002 once, sold 10,000 per week, so accounting for a year if there are 50 million units sold, but in the next six years, the balance car was sold to 30,000 units.

When the market price of a balance of 5,000 dollars is almost equivalent to a second-hand car offer, in this balance car only need to change their body from the point of view, the car will be based on the direction of the skew may be back. Just run normal and have enough physical strength, to control people in the above did not fall down the possibility. Peter Shankman is the beginning of the listing of Seagway balance car, with one of his top five, he said just bought when it feels very fun, but because it can not qualitative. Traffic police do not know how to do it? Some traffic police will let the road, but perhaps in the next road traffic police will not let the road, and some traffic police and even told this thing "no right", can not be on the road.

In a book about Segway's listing, Amazon founder Jeffrey Bezos and Stephen Jobs were interviewed. Asked if it is not optimistic about Segway, Bezos thought it was a lost idea, because art is an overly prudent and dangerous country, Segway's this product is too revolutionary to be in the sale Encounter a question. This was later proved to be sold.

From the performance point of view, electric Hoverboard and the same from the ad said the same good, but the use of really awkward, look at the scale it is small enough to be free to enter and use the elevator and in the room, but in the absence of elevators to lift the floor Approximately 100 pounds of balance car downstairs. Secondly, there are more than 100 years of history of the bike was the city to bear also spent a long time, from the road with the difference between the lane, and although some of the bike knight armed look very exaggerated, but at least exercise The But the electric Hoverboard is one of the most lazy on behalf of things. Shankman shows that every time the pedal on the balance car someone will laugh him lazy and fat.