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Hoverboard Smart Adjustment
Nov 06, 2017

Hoverboard Smart adjustment

Occasionally, different topics are useful to different people, just as a gas cushion is worth considering for a novice, for example, how to ride, how to avoid it, how to turn and how to stop it. Obscure problems, for novices will be a slow learning process, there is a slow speculation process. For the veteran, the air cushion will be able to achieve one-man and one car, this driving will feel unprecedented fun, there is a feeling of different riding ways, you can innovate, you can only play, premise The condition is, to be within the scope of safety Caixing. Different stages have different tips, we can according to their own situation to sit on the number can be.

Hoverboards, also known as self-balancing cars, body sensing cars, thinking cars and scooters, because it can sense changes in the body center of gravity, intelligent adjustment of body balance and driving conditions. From the operational principle, this product built-in gyroscope sensors, pressure sensors, acceleration sensors, etc., is able to achieve a "dynamic self-balancing" of the robot, the driver can use the center of gravity before and after the adjustment, to control its forward With back.

Cushion not only change the way to travel, it can bring happiness, you will not be able to anticipate in the future riding, this point, we must personally experience in order to be the most in place clear.

"Between walking and driving, there is always the need for short-haul tools other than bicycles, and the air-cushioner just meets that need."

Due to the current air cushion is still a new type of transport, the traditional traffic laws and regulations, for the time being can not be given a specific definition of its belonging to motor vehicles, non-motor vehicles or sports tools, at the same time, the relevant manufacturing standards have not yet introduced. The air cushion plate is a kind of gyroscope and acceleration sensor which is used inside the car body to detect the change of the car body posture. The servo control system is used to accurately drive the motor to make corresponding adjustment so as to maintain the balance car of the system. The next air cushion manufacturers tell you what kind of car main function? =

1, mobile video

Can be combined with mobile phones, DVs, cameras and other devices to make use of its autonomous walking capabilities to become a mobile shooting platform.

2, travel on behalf of

Aspiration is the physical characteristics of gaskets and similar products, up to 20km per hour, a single charge can complete the mileage of 20-70km.

3, Bluetooth speakers

Equipped with Bluetooth speakers, play music through the phone Bluetooth, a mobile music platform.

1) small size, light weight: two pairs of slippers the size of the vertical projection area, small footprint, and the handle can be quickly removed. Vehicle weight about 15kg, while the body with a lift rod, easy to carry carrying.