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Hoverboards Anti - Gravity Device
Jun 20, 2017

hoverboards Anti - gravity device

Suspended skateboards can be suspended in the air like a magic carpet, initially appeared in the 1989 science fiction film "back to the future 2". In 2014, California technology company Hendo has made the kind, the suspension skateboard only about one inch (2.54 cm) from the ground, even if such a low height must be in the conductive material such as copper or aluminum surface Caixing. The battery life of 15 minutes - this time almost not as "back to the next 2" in the hero as the enemy from the fast escape.

At the end of November 2014, the skateboard was named "Time" magazine as the year 2015 25 best inventions of the year.

French jet ski champion and world motorcycle racing champion Franky Zapata (Franky Zapata) launched in April jet "floating skateboard" Flyboard Air, it can be 150 km per hour speed flight, shocked the world. Now, Zapata once again shocked the world's eye, he managed Flyboard Air flying 2252 meters, breaking the skateboarding farthest world record. 

Background of the invention

In March 2014, the famous skateboarding giant Tony Hawk released a video on the social networking site, which appeared with the movie "back to the next 2" similar to the floating skateboard. Although the video on the line soon seen by the users of many flaws, Tony Hawke himself came forward to admit that this video is forged, but people on the floating skateboard sci-fi atmosphere of the transport is still a great curiosity. So, the use of existing technology, human beings can create a floating skateboard? An article in the American "Connection" magazine lists several possible principles, but it can be said that within a short period of time, people still have no real pleasure to enjoy the floating skateboard.

Small helicopter

How about two small propellers on the skateboard? This is the most feasible way at this stage. If the energy problem can be guaranteed, it is not impossible to use a rotor to suspend it. Just, if you really let the fan on the skateboard, it is not too similar to the shape of the movie.

Anti - gravity device

What about an anti-gravity device at the bottom of the skateboard? Will it be useful? First of all, you have to determine that anti-gravity this thing really exists. It is true that some of the material can be mutually exclusive rather than to attract this possibility to explain, but even if we first assume that this may indeed exist, skateboarders how to make the skateboard and the ground only mutually exclusive, not To push the people on the above to push it? Perhaps only let the user tied his feet on the skateboard.

And only one direction of gravity is different, the magnetic force can make the material to attract each other, but also allow them to exclude each other - primary school students are aware of the same phase of repulsion, different extremes of the truth. But to use magnetic force to produce floating skateboard, we have to face two problems. First, the same magnets in the mutual exclusion, as well as by rotating so that the tendency to attract each other, so even if there is a strong enough magnetic force can support a person's weight, skateboard stability is also difficult to guarantee. Of course, the use of superconducting electromagnets can solve this problem.