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Hoverboards Practice The Skills Of Advancing
Jul 31, 2017

hoverboards Practice the skills of advancing

Analysis on the Technique of Suspension Skateboarding

In the practice of suspending the skateboard, you need to be familiar with the steps to master the suspension skateboard, which will help you to master the basic skills of riding faster and more solid. So what is the technique of suspending the skateboarding exercise? Lu Dili Technology for you Weapon, hoping to bring you help. Suspension skateboarding exercises can be divided into two levels:

1. Elementary:

Like riding a bike, the vast majority of the center of gravity transferred to the suspension skateboard, and gently press the foot pedal forward, while the ground on the foot gently back a pedal, wheelbarrow will move forward. Just as in the last step to keep a single foot from the action of the suspension skateboard, you need to keep the body in the course of the balance of the balance, and the need for the ground on the foot quickly and lightly on another foot pedal. This step requires at least 3-5 meters from the distance.

2. Intermediate forward:

Go to this step, has been basically able to drive the skateboard. In this step need to pay attention to two points: to maintain a certain speed, through the forward tilt to control the speed. It is recommended to continue to accumulate experience during the ride, continue to practice, in the more confident to keep riding a long distance after the next step.

First, how to control the suspension skateboard?

Suspension skateboards are built-in high-precision gyroscopes to stabilize the front and back, it can not help you balance, its balance around the same as the principle of our bike to rely on a certain speed and your body to control. When your body is leaning forward, the suspension skateboard will sense your movements to accelerate; when your body is back, the suspension skateboard will control the motor to slow down to maintain your balance with the body.

Second, beginners to normal riding about how long?

Most people can learn about three days or so, about 2 hours a day or so. Just learning, because the center of gravity deviation, self-balance force to master the bad, there will be a leg pain situation, so generally in the beginning of the practice, try to wear leggings tools to avoid bumps. In addition, a small number of people may feel poor because of poor balance and learning more slowly, so the balance of the poor people, to practice more practice can be a long time to find the balance. At the beginning of the use of electric wheelbarrow, for safety reasons, you can match the auxiliary wheel, you can easily and others experience the suspension skateboard.

Third, the maximum floating mileage of the floating skateboard?

Generally different models of single wheel electric vehicles, power storage function is not the same, so life mileage is not the same, there is a certain difference.

Fourth, the maximum speed of the skateboard is how much?

As with all the balance cars, the self-balancing ability of the suspension skateboard is limited. To ensure your safety, the suspension skateboard is controlled by software speed limit of 16Km / h. If more than this speed, will not be timely braking, there will be some security risks.

Suspended skateboard, to a certain extent, ease the pressure of traffic, in addition, suspended skateboard as a new low-carbon environmentally friendly products, to protect the environment also played a role in the use of suspended skateboards, be sure to maintain stability The speed, not too fast, their own safety is more important.