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Hoverboards The Position Of The Foot
Aug 08, 2017

hoverboards The position of the foot

Novice manipulation of suspended skateboarding skills


My theory is to find a spacious and flat place, as many people and obstacles as possible, because you will not be able to keep a straight line, the venue is wide so that you will not change the road or to hit the road teeth or to rush into the grass Was forced to jump down, with their own best efforts to keep up is not the key to fast success! And with each time you have no auxiliary measures in the case of more than one meter to go to walk 10 meters 50 meters, the inner satisfaction and joy is not a corridor can not replace.

I was so practice, in the absence of people's leisure park on the big square practice, 5 minutes later will go 50 meters above, 10 minutes after the control can take a towering radius of nearly 10 meters of the big bend, an hour later Can go freely on the park road.

The ground should be flat, not in the area of the brick floor / the ridge line of the stone on the ground / blind road on the road practice, very fine regular lines will have a sensitive impact on the direction of the skateboard, the novice can not control this deformation And twist!

Focus on feet

Before the car, first of all, to determine your focus on the foot, this is very important, all the tutorial did not say this! Everyone in the 8 into the right foot, 2 into the left foot, which is not related to the left and right pair. To determine their own which is the center of gravity is the way the feet stand upright, so that a friend in the case you do not notice you one, you subconsciously took the foot is the center of gravity feet. Snowboarding is also used to determine the front foot is the center of gravity feet. The center of gravity is that you should first step on the slide skateboard pedal feet! Novice who have not hesitated in the end first step on which feet? (Some people say that this is still bad to determine the heart of the foot, then, when the child played a one-legged dry bar, that is, clutching an ankle, the other leg beating, with the legs of the knees and opponents dry battle , That good, you beat the legs, that is your heart of the legs, you are standing the most stable way, caught in the hands of the calf is not the center of gravity legs)

The position of the foot

Novice often tread bad, stepped on the bad words, not only affect your perception of the state of the vehicle, but also affect your calf and suspended skateboard body relative position, it was found that although just learning their feet once an emergency step But the suspension of the skateboard suddenly painted a small round from the leg across the overturned it? Because the position of your feet too far or by the back!

You set the center of gravity after the foot, then the first foot on the pedal, the center of the foot of the foot of the body stuck in the middle of the fuselage, the other foot gently pedal sliding, the center of gravity feet, calves, and car trinity, Feeling, do not panic dislocation. First glide, feel good, try to set foot on the other foot. Foot before and after the position to master, the novice best looking for the feeling that the shoes are in front and back position before the pedal of the length of the same or toe slightly more than the heel to go a little more, that white is the center of the shoe facing the center of the pedal or by Before the point (we have the size of the foot to the calf position as a reference for the location), the location is too far before the back is not conducive to your study.