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Hoverboards To Achieve A Balanced Effect
Nov 06, 2017

hoverboards To achieve a balanced effect

The principle of the smart suspension skateboarding is based on the basic principle of what is known as "Dynamic Stabilization", that is, the auto-balancing capability of the vehicle itself. Built-in precision solid-state gyroscopes (Solid-State Gyroscopes) to determine the posture of the body position, through sophisticated and high-speed central microprocessor to calculate the appropriate command, the drive motor to achieve the balance effect. Suppose that we use the vertical axis of the overall center of gravity of the driver and the vehicle standing in the car as a reference line. When this axis is tilted forward, the built-in electric motor in the smart floating skateboard body produces a forward force that, on the one hand, balances the torque that the car and the car are pouring forward, on the one hand, and the acceleration that causes the car to go forward. On the other hand, When the gyroscope finds the driver's center of gravity leans backward, it also produces a backward force to balance the effect. Therefore, the driver can change the angle of his body forwards or backwards, and the smart floating skateboard will move forward or backward according to the direction of tilt, while the speed is proportional to the degree of the driver's body tilt.

In principle, as long as the motorized skateboard has the correct power on and holds enough power to operate, the people in the car need not worry about the possibility of falling and falling, which is quite different from other modes of transportation such as a scooter that normally needs to be balanced by the driver himself . Interpretation of a: What is a suspended skateboard?

To know what is a suspended skateboard, we must first know its positioning. Suspension skateboarding is a smart high-tech personal transport tools, the use of aerospace attitude control theory, fuzzy algorithm, gyroscope system, to achieve self-balance before and after the direction. In other words, it does not require the same difficult skills and prolonged exercise as a unicycle, which can find its own balance. Its components are not complicated, including the shell, wheels, pedals, motors, control systems, but it contains a number of high-tech.

Interpretation 2: What is your motivation for buying a suspended skateboard?

Whether commuting to work or just playing, keep in mind your reason for buying. Purchase process, an array of suspended skateboards will certainly take your eyes, at this time you, you should remember what they buy a suspended skateboard what is the reason, and then make the right choice.

Interpretation 3: How to choose a good suspension skateboard?

As with any other product, just buy a branded product so that the minimum quality warranty is there. In fact, look at the price, if you only have five thousand budget, then there is no need to see ten thousand bucks suspended. Looking for a balance between price and quality, like a suspended skateboard is a cost-effective product. Finally apply an old saying, for their own, is the best.

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