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Self Balancing Scooter Balance System
Oct 16, 2017

Self Balancing Scooter Balance system

Self-balancing car

The current market is more and more self-balancing car, a variety of manufacturers of various brands, but what kind of self-balancing car is a good car, the following we according to the 3 points to evaluate the self-balancing car is not a good basis for the car

Look at balance

This is the most basic performance of the self-balancing car, as the article began to say, it is to use the balance system to eliminate inertia to achieve its unique driving experience. So the balance of performance is the most basic evaluation of the object. Cheng also Xiao He, defeated Xiao He. When the real comparison will be found when the shape is similar, but the performance is less than a thousand miles. Of course, since the self-balancing car this product has just begun to spread, for most consumers, but also from the beginning of the experience will be able to feel the balance of its excellent performance and inferior, today I told you not to use complex tools in life Will be able to use the most simple way to identify:

The first: the product transferred to the automatic mode or power mode (can not enter this model of the product do not discuss friends), in the vicinity of the equilibrium point to start, this time from the balance car will enter the automatic balance. Observe whether the self-balancing vehicle can remain intact in the automatic balance mode. If the self-balancing car can not remain standing, has been moving forward or backward, indicating that its balance performance is not good, in the choice of everyone to ignore it. If you can keep looking at the following test.

The second: in the manned mode, step on the self-balancing car, try to keep in place (which may need to be skilled to complete). Feel the self-balancing car pedal surface is shaking before and after. (The human ankle is very sensitive, if the balance is not good, you can clearly feel the balance before and after the adjustment.) A good balance system, its sensitivity is very high, higher than the perception of people, this time People will be the most comfortable, when a balance system sensitivity is lower than the sensitivity of human perception, in the use of self-balancing car is reflected in the human ankle will be more and more tired, reduced safety.

The third: in the manned mode, uphill or downhill, if you can easily stop fixed, and the self-balancing car without any abnormal, you can continue to test the following. Of course, this method also requires more skilled people to try, it is recommended that the novice not easy to try.

See ease of use

Two days ago to hear a car friend said such a sentence: did not buy from the balance before the car, the total that the big round of the self-balancing car is good, bought, only to find the want is a small wheel of self-balancing car. Very touching.

He told me that he said: every time most want to use this product is to park, picnic, shopping time, but can not ride a self-balancing car from the park to the park, or to the suburbs, the most troublesome As long as there is a step, drag the trouble, into the elevator also accounted for the place, the property is always let go from the freight elevator. As a result, after buying back in addition to the beginning of the play in the vicinity of the community, did not move. Usually want to use, but the thought of all kinds of trouble, and finally gave up. When he told me this time, is our Che You will organize activities, I took out from the trunk of my self-balancing car, when I was proud of I made a wise decision. Once again carefully to think, only to realize that the difference between big and small is so great. We buy a product or hope to be able to use it from time to time, not tasteless! Product design should be considered when the real use should be easy to use.