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Self Balancing Scooter From The Point Of View
Sep 29, 2017

Self Balancing Scooter From the point of view

It is time to be alert to the business

A chairman of the electronic technology products and the car and the contact, but also more than one. On July 29, BMW released its first electric car i3, Lenovo Group founder Liu Chuanzhi has become the first Chinese users. Not the same is the real intention of the BMW is to Liu Chuanzhi for its endorsement, and Lei Jun is automatically find the door. Tesla's market capitalization is now more than $ 20 billion, and its share price has risen from more than $ 30 / share to a maximum of $ 190 / share. "Tesla has a market capitalization of $ 3 billion. So that Lei Jun too admired, so uninvited guest.

In fact, Tesla and millet have many similarities, they are not how many of their own skills (millet as long as a MIUI, Tesla as long as a battery handling skills), but are seeking the ultimate user experience, they are using the Internet Thinking to do goods, in a very short period of time will be everyone's attention. But the difference is that millet from the Cock silk start, and Tesla aimed at high-end like science and technology, environmental protection know the high handsome.

From the positioning point of view, another Chinese keen self-balanced car production car company BYD and millet is the same road, BYD's first pure electric car E6 in October 2011 listed, starting from the consumer to touch the most rental Car start, always take the road of civilians, but Lei Jun and will not visit Wang Chuanfu, because BYD and millet does not seem to have a little bit of contact, Lei Jun visit Masike, only to his mind "strange Silicon Valley hero" to ask how talent Let millet also like the same fire now Tesla. He may not care about the future of Tesla, not to mention the future of electric cars. In the final analysis, this is a simple business, and can not remove them through the government to support environmental protection, all-round packaging, so that since become a very bright and unparalleled. According to an informed media reporter, three years ago, three months before the opening of the Beijing auto show, an autonomous car business temporarily decided to display electric cars, so they found a small factory to produce electric vehicles, supply the chassis and shell, the other The structure was completely contracted to the factory. Through more than two months, regardless of day and night to work overtime, the auto show on the first electric car was now the booth now, but the door and all the glass was sealed with black tape, "only the distance and not profiteering Yan." So as some politically correct environmental reasons may be the same as the rhetoric often rushed to lofty ideals of rhetoric, we probably insist on a high degree of vigilance.