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Self Balancing Scooter Powered By Electricity
Aug 23, 2017

Self Balancing Scooter Powered by electricity

First of all must talk about is the balance of the car is driven by electricity, so its noise is particularly small. This simple and convenient tool for the use of a very good lithium battery to provide power for this activity, which greatly reduces the air carbon emissions, and also very good use of a power conversion technology to balance Car in the downhill time will automatically to the inside of the lithium battery charge. Second, because of the improvement of various functions, it is running when the noise is very small, for everyone's life will not cause what kind of impact.

Balanced cars have now become a very good means of transport, and the fact that this new means of transport and environmental protection and all aspects are very consistent with the development of society, so I believe it will be very broad market. Then we come together to understand some of its characteristics it

The other is to say that the size of this balance car is very small, and even the largest is only about half of the traditional means of transport, and its weight is relatively light, so it is more convenient for everyone to use in life, In the usual storage is also very convenient; followed by the balance car also took the way of standing driving, this is also very safe, we can control the body through the center of gravity to control the balance car. Just suggest that you have to start in the beginning of the practice must find a more open place, in order to avoid a collision accident, the child must be accompanied by the time in the practice of the parent can only, in the absence of complete control is not recommended when everyone When you go out to choose them.

First, how to control the balance car?

Balanced cars are built-in high-precision gyroscope for balance before and after the stability, it can not help you balance, its balance around the same as the principle of our bike to rely on a certain speed and your body to control. When your body is leaning forward, the balance car will sense your action to accelerate; when your body is back, the balance car will control the motor to slow down to maintain your balance with the body.