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Types Of Balancing Cars
Jun 19, 2017

1. single round

The single wheel balance car has the advantages of small size, portability and easy walking. A size similar to a briefcase so that you can easily take it to work. But the disadvantage is also obvious, that is, the balance is better than the two wheeled balance vehicle, and the safety is lower than the two wheels. The single wheel balance car also has a special advantage, its playability is high, a single wheel can play a lot of tricks.

2. wheeled

The utility model has the advantages of stability, comfort, easy use, and the like. Even if you've never come into contact with this product before, the two wheel balance car allows you to travel steadily as you wish with excellent balance technology. Compared to a single wheel balance car, the two wheeled balanced vehicle is not suitable for use as a walking wheel for work, because the two wheel balancing vehicle often has a long longitudinal body, and is difficult to pass through some road or sidewalk railings. The enormous weight is destined not to be portable.


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